PAMECO -products

Finnish PAMECO products for
slurry and water management on farms

At the end of 2018, Nurmeksen Teräsmyynti Oy acquired Pakolan Konepaja’s PAMECO business. This includes the manufacturing of slurry pumps, slurry agitators and other pump products. The production of Finnish PAMECO products will increase, and we also aim to increase exports.

The PAMECO - product family consists of versatile slurry and water handling machinery:

  • hydraulic pumps
  • tractor pumps
  • pump cranes
  • propeller agitators
  • agitators for slurry channels
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Our company is located in Nurmes, Finland, and our products can be shipped globally.
In addition to PAMECO products, we develop and manufacture machinery for our customers. We also develop our other product lines with experts from various industries. Some good examples of our products include towable sand spreader wagons and buckets, as well as products and services for the transportation, forest and construction industries.

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